Concrete Pumping Holdings, Inc.

Concrete Pumping Holdings (CPH) is the leading provider of concrete pumping services in the highly fragmented U.S. and U.K. markets, operating under the only established, national brands in both markets (Brundage-Bone and Camfaud, respectively). CPH's large fleet of specialized pumping equipment and highly-trained operators position CPH to deliver concrete placement solutions that facilitate substantial labor cost savings to customers, shorten concrete placement times, enhance worksite safety and improve construction quality. CPH operates a fee-based revenue model with no bonding requirements.

CPH is also the leading provider of concrete waste management services in the U.S. market, operating under the only established, national brand, Eco-Pan. Highly complementary to its core concrete pumping service, Eco-Pan provides a full-service, cost-effective, regulatory-compliant solution to manage environmental issues caused by concrete washout.

Industrea completed the acquisition on December 6th, 2018. For more information on CPH, please visit their website at:

Industrea Acquisition Corp. to Acquire Leading Provider of Concrete Pumping and Waste Management Services, Concrete Pumping Holdings

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